I don’t mind telling you, I just wrapped up the worst week of teaching in all my 5.12 years on the job.

It was bad. So bad.

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The studies involved in the analysis had a total of 13,164 participants, all of whom were suffering from long-standing and severe social anxiety.

Of these, around 9,000 received a pill, which was either a placebo or a real antidepressant, typically an SSRI (a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, like Prozac or Zoloft).

The remaining 4,000 or so were given access to psychological therapy.

Talking therapies are sometimes combined with antidepressants, although few of the included trials studied this combination.

The researchers found that it was the psychological therapies that were the most effective.

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I play the “is that paint or am I bleeding?” game roughly twice a school day.

Every art teacher’s favorite! You win if you’re not randomly bleeding!

I won today, lost yesterday :(

Ahhhh yes, THE game.

Mercy on my hands this year though, the majority of my classes are photo/yearbook.

i just lost the game.